Environmental Psychology Summerschool 06.-09. June 2016

Summerschool Publication 2016

Summerschool Publication 2016
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The Teachers 2016




Cardiff University

Social & Environmental Psychology





University of Bath




University of Leipzig

Social Psychology

Impressions 2016

The Program 2016


16.00      Arrival


18.30      Dinner


19.30      Welcome

    Gerhard Reese (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena/Universität Koblenz-Landau)


20.00       Keynote I  

Immo Fritsche (Universität Leipzig)



08.00      Breakfast


09.00      The power of identity for increasing environmentally significant behavior
                Alina Udall (University of Bath)


Affixing the theory of normative conduct (to your mailbox): Injunctive and descriptive norms as predictors

Karen Hamann (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena)


10.00        The constrains of norm activation for the consumers’ purchase intention of sustainable                                           clothes.                                                                          

  Aneta Woznica (MSH Medicalschool Hamburg)


The other side of the coin: the relationship between motives for smart technology adoption and the    subsequent sustainable energy behaviours.

        Annemijn Peters (University of Groningen)


11.00        Coffee break


11.15        Let’s build a city – Exploring people’s understanding of sustainable urban design using a  mixed-

                 methods approach 

                 Gustav Bösehans (University of Bath)


                 The power of the neighbourhood: The spread and success of bottom-up initiatives in the energy          


                 Daniel Sloot (University of Groningen)


12.30        Lunch


13.30        Guided tour on Vilm island


15.15        Keynote II

                 Judith de Groot (University of Bath)


16.15        Coffee break


16.45        The Trend Effect: Lay People’s Interpretation of Revised Climate Forecasts

                 Sigrid Hohle (Simula Research Laboratory, University of Oslo)


                  Public Views on Economic Growth, the Environment and Prosperity: Survey Results  

                  Stefan Drews (Autonomous University of Barcelona)


17.45        Collaborative Consumption: Hype or Promise?                                       

                 Friedel Bachmann (University of Zürich)


18.30        Dinner


20.00        Promotion of global identification and globally responsible behavior through international contact    

                 Anne Römpke (Universität Leipzig)

Day 3

08.00   Breakfast


09.00   Keynote III 

    Wouter Poortinga (Cardiff University)


10.00   Workshoptime I

       (3 parallel workshops)


12.30   Lunch


14.00   Workshoptime II


16.00   Coffee break


16.20   Workshoptime III


18.30   Dinner


20.00   Informal discussions

Day 4

08.00   Breakfast


09.00   Workshop presentation


10.00   Coffee break


10.15   Summerschool evaluation


11.00   Departure