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The fee will be


- 197 euros when staying in a single room

- 242 euros when staying in a double room


for the entire conference period, including accommodation and meals.


The number of rooms is limited. The assignment is done by the order of registration. Therefore, a choice is partly restricted.

10 doctoral students can participate as lecturers to present their topic during the Summer School. For them, the conference is free.
The application to these 10 places is done by submitting an abstract (in English; maximum 200 words; information about theory, research question, methods, results and classification of findings).

Abstracts via email to until the 15th of february (confirmation till 29.02.).

The submission deadline is over. Please do not send more abstracts.


Please register via the following link for a place at the waiting list:[cid]=3048&tx_blitzcalendar_pi1[cmd]=single&tx_blitzcalendar_pi1[qlist]=2&tx_blitzcalendar_pi1[uid]=47


Or directly via the online form:[cid]=3048


In case that the links do not work correctly, please go to --> english --> Int. Academy --> Conferences and Seminars --> 2. Quarter and choose there the event of the Summerschool.