Anne Römpke

Universität Leipzig
Institut für Psychologie 
Neumarkt 9-19
D-04109 Leipzig

Travel Information

Official Travel Information of the INA
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Travel Challenge


Our goal is to increase the Summerschool’s positive Ecological impact


by exchanging and developing ideas about research on Environmental


Psychology and at the same time to reduce our negative Ecological impact


to a minimum.


One key factor is the journey everyone has to make in order to get to Vilm.


We would like to encourage you to choose the most CO2 neutral way


possible to get to the Summerschool.


Come by bike, train, hitchhiking or sailing boat or a combination of all!


At the end of the Summerschool we want to publish our joint


carbon footprint (based on the calculations on




and the most interesting travel story will be awarded with the golden badge


of honour of Vilm Island.


(More detailed information will be send to all participants after their registration)